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Six ways dry-wipe surfaces make lessons more engaging

Dry wipe writable surfaces have come a long way from fixed whiteboards and their mini hand-held offspring, now you can have dry wipe tables, screens and even entire walls. But why should you consider integrating writable surfaces into your classrooms? Here are six ways LearningSurface can make lessons more engaging:


  1. Everyone has to participate – there’s nowhere to hide, you can’t sit and stare out of the window, you have to jump up, join in and get your ideas out there
  2. Students worry less about making mistakes – rather than commit their ideas to paper, they can dive in, have a go and simply rub it out if they’re not happy with it
  3. Writable surfaces encourage collaboration – with a large enough Learning Surface area (e.g. a wall or screen), many students can participate at the same time, fostering collaboration skills
  4. It’s creative, fast and fun and gets students thinking in different ways.  Even repetitive maths drills are given a new lease of life.
  5. Don’t just wipe it – photograph it! Save your work by taking a photo of your mindmap or brainstorm so your thoughts can be saved, shared and referred back to at a later date.  This image could form part of a digital portfolio, allowing all that creative thinking lives on.
  6. Students can move around – studies show that cognitive skills improve with physical movement and if you have a mobile screen or wall students can move around while using it.

And it’s not just students who love working on dry-wipe surfaces, teachers who use them for planning and preparation say they are conducive to creative thinking, collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

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