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Not just a pretty room…Our research-informed design means every aspect of every space is there for a reason. Our spaces aren’t just beautiful, they work brilliantly. Here we share our research and thinking to help shape your ideas.

Five ideas for your summer classroom spruce up

Is there a perfect colour scheme for a classroom? One that will create a calm yet stimulating environment that positively enhances teaching and learning? It’s something we’re often asked and, with research proving that learning space design (including colour) has an impact on attainment, it’s not a frivolous question.


1. Colour: Don’t just slosh on more magnolia paint. Colour has a proven impact on learners so it’s worth stopping to think about what colour your spaces should be. Different colours have different effects, which means some are better suited to some areas than others. Confused? Have a look at our colour guide: The Learning Effects of Colour, which should help point you in the right colour direction.



2. Dry-wipe surfaces: dry-wipe isn’t just for whiteboards anymore, you can get tables, screens and even entire walls clad in writable surfaces and they are a sure-fire way to raise engagement and fun levels in all sort of lessons. For more reasons why dry-wipe surfaces are great for learning environments read this.



3. Agile furniture: stuck in the same old rows or clusters? Shake things up with mobile tables you can arrange how you want. Having an agile environment means you can accommodate a range of learning styles and a variety of lesson types to keep things fresh and interesting.



4. Soft seating: there’s no reason a school has to look like a public sector institution and there are seating options beyond the four-legged chair. Bring in some colourful soft seating of varying heights and shapes and you’ll instantly change the look and feel of your learning spaces for the better.



5. Pods: sometimes you need a quiet space in which to work with small groups and a pod is a fast way to create one. Then you won’t need to find a spare room for intervention groups or booster sessions, you can congregate in your pod.


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