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Six ways to get colours right in learning spaces

If you’re considering a revamp and can’t face another magnolia wall, here are six ways to get colours right in classrooms.


Think about your uniform and school colours – will they complement or clash with your colour ideas?



Consider the age of your students – studies show that KS1 /2 children tend prefer bright colours, secondary age prefer more sophisticated colour palettes.



Consider your school’s cultural make-up – whether the colours have meanings to different groups of students (read our article to find out more about this)



What is the purpose of the room? Is it for calm contemplation (a library or independent study space) or energetic participation (a drama studio)? Click below to find out which colours where best in which spaces here.




How much natural light is in the room? Darker colours absorb light and can make a space feel enclosed (which is fine if you’re aiming for a calm, quiet space), whereas lighter colours bounce light back into the room



Consider introducing colour through furniture (e.g. upholstered soft seating in bright colours or tables with coloured edges) and lighting rather than committing to a bold, and permanent, paint colour scheme.


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