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Why flexible spaces foster creative learning

The Creative ICT Suite at Eton is a cutting edge space that embraces flexibility and agility. But why does furniture you can move around, reconfigure and write on enhance creative thinking?


A lot of it comes down to enabling teachers and learners to define how they use the space – rather than the space dictating to you. If the learning space looks different every time you walk in, it challenges your preconceptions about what a classroom looks like and therefore how a lesson works. Without the rigid structure of rows of desks all facing the same way you can be proactive in choosing how your lesson is going to work. Similarly, students faced with a range of soft seating, mobile desks, and writable walls and screens can take responsibility for choosing how they learn to find a way that suits their learning style.


Everyone holds the pen

We know from experience the rush of energy and creativity students feel when they walk into a space that’s different, flexible and colourful. Being able to ‘unpack your ideas’ straight on to the dry-wipe writable walls ushers in new ways to engage with learning. Writable walls also make collaborative learning truly non-hierarchical; everyone has a pen, so no student is just sitting by waiting for their turn – they can all (literally) fill the room with their ideas.


This isn’t just the preserve of elite private schools. We work with all types of schools throughout the country who are embracing the creative possibilities of agile learning environments and dry wipe writable surfaces. Intervention rooms and learning commons, standard classrooms and staffrooms can all become hives of purposeful creativity if they are agile and responsive spaces.




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