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Not just a pretty room…Our research-informed design means every aspect of every space is there for a reason. Our spaces aren’t just beautiful, they work brilliantly. Here we share our research and thinking to help shape your ideas.

Ideas, inspiration and insight into workspace trends

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The second issue of CREATE, the magazine from Spaceoasis that brings you ideas and inspiration for creating amazing workspaces, is available now. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside…

If meetings dominate your working life you’re not alone. In The Art of Meetings in the 21st Century we look at how spaces designed for different meeting styles could take them from epic time suck to fast, productive and creative. And if encouraging creative thinking is on your wish-list then a large scale dry wipe LearningSurface® wall might be the answer, we look at why they are becoming a ‘must-have’ in all types of office.

If you’ve ever wondered how fabric trends come and go we’ve got the answers in a fascinating interview with Camira’s Catherine Counsell. And, if you’re trying to attract the best and brightest graduates we reveal what they expect from a working environment.


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