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Not just a pretty room…Our research-informed design means every aspect of every space is there for a reason. Our spaces aren’t just beautiful, they work brilliantly. Here we share our research and thinking to help shape your ideas.

CREATE magazine: ideas and inspiration for amazing workspaces

Issue #3 of CREATE magazine is out now and it’s full of ideas and inspiration to help you create amazing workspaces.



If you’ve ever wondered why so many people use coffee shops as an office, you’re not alone. It turns out that they are actually quite productive environments – one that might be worth replicating back at the office; we look at what makes them such attractive, and effective, places to work in. We also look at public sector organisations and suggest ways to make space work harder, perhaps even hard enough to avoid cutting headcount in the seemingly endless drive to ‘do more with less’.

We’re also joined by David Marks, of Marks Barfield architects who shares thoughts about his sources of inspiration and why ‘long life loose fit’ is still a good mantra. You can also read about the new client lounge at QuantumBlack, the new client demonstration area at Sophos and we find out how How To Moodle is accommodating its rapidly-expanding team.






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