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Tiers of joy

How to choose the right tiered seating for your setting

There’s something about sitting on steps. Whether you’re perched outside in a summer garden, eating your lunch on the steps of a cathedral or huddled on the stairs at a party, sitting on steps feels slightly ‘out of the ordinary’; a bit special.

Done right, tiered seating can have a similarly uplifting effect in learning spaces:

  • It’s a great place to gather groups of students and, because they are sitting on different levels, they can all see so it’s easy to get their attention
  • Tiered seating is the ideal place to begin (set the task) and end a session (sum up)
  • It’s ideal for peer to peer presentation
  • Sitting on the steps brings a sense of fun, togetherness and energy
  • Presenting to a crowd of people sitting on steps brings a sense of audience – it makes presenters (students and teachers alike) raise their game
  • Tiered seating can make a dramatic focal point for a space when you want to make a statement or give a space the ‘wow’ factor.


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