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The writing’s on the wall (and the table and the pod…)

Not all writable surfaces are created equal, make sure you invest wisely.

Writable surfaces continue to be hugely popular with teachers and learners. Being able to write on tables or walls is engaging, enables new teaching and learning styles and liberates your thinking while providing new ways to work as a team. And it’s fun.


But not all writable surfaces are the same. Poor quality surfaces will scratch and stain easily so they’ll look a mess even after they’ve been cleaned, making them a poor investment. We developed our trademark LearningSurface® because we wanted a writable surface that could withstand the inevitable knocks and scuffs of school life, still work brilliantly and look great. LearningSurface® is durable, ultra-cleanable and a world away from the ‘sticky-back-plastic’ budget versions that won’t survive a term.

If you’re thinking of investing in writable surfaces make sure you choose good quality products that are designed with school-life in mind, otherwise you’ll have smudgy surfaces that need replacing all too quickly.



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