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Not just a pretty room…Our research-informed design means every aspect of every space is there for a reason. Our spaces aren’t just beautiful, they work brilliantly. Here we share our research and thinking to help shape your ideas.

What’s Hot in Working Environments


Team effort

Open plan collaborative zones with large scale whiteboards and a variety of places to sit (or stand) and work with colleagues are gaining popularity. Millennials especially are looking for a social way of working with and learning from colleagues and offering a variety of places to work stimulates productivity and strengthens cross-company networks.



Graphic detail

Clever wall graphics that incorporate utilitarian devices as part of your design theme lend a humorous and human feel to your space. We’ve seen fire extinguishers as scuba tanks on the back of divers, fire bells as headphones and cables creating skylines. Genius.



Sign of the times

Emojis and iconography mean words aren’t always necessary, and designers are taking full advantage when creating signage. Take the iPhone key pad for example, etched on a glass door it denotes entry to a room where you can go and make calls, whereas a finger on lips shows it’s a quiet area. It’s a great way of overcoming language barriers.



Office plants 2.0

Our response to nature is innate; being outside in green spaces enjoying fresh air makes us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. While offices in the middle of forests aren’t a practical solution, bringing the outside in can work wonders. Living walls bring stunning, lush green displays into the workspace while purifying the air. It’s a very long way from the dusty yukka plant of old…



On trend

Discover the key trends that are inspiring commercial interiors. Global textile innovator Camira has launched its second trend forecast, Evolution: Global Trend Directions 2017/18. The driving theme of this report is Evolution, a celebration of now and how we have developed to be such a unique and complex species. The report guides readers through each trend – Quest, Visionary, Habitat and Co-Create – each with a thoughtful colour palette of fabrics, colour combinations to create new moods and dynamic keywords
to capture the sentiment of each trend.

Visit camirafabrics.com/trends to request your copy.



Proud of your roots

Bold graphics and visual displays that reflect your setting give a unique identity to your work place. Whether it’s hi-tech LEDs in the hipster-haven of Silicon Roundabout, the illustrious industry of the factory skyline in Manchester or the Iron Bridge in Telford, demonstrating pride in your heritage creates a sense of ownership and a proud connection to your location.