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Research & Thinking

Not just a pretty room…Our research-informed design means every aspect of every space is there for a reason. Our spaces aren’t just beautiful, they work brilliantly. Here we share our research and thinking to help shape your ideas.

The wall that brings people together

01. On a roll

Mounted on castors, Working Wall is mobile so you can move it between spaces (depending on sufficient door / corridor width). This is a wall you can share.

02. Seeing double

Double sided so two teams can work on it once. (See? Walls can be collaborative.)

03. Integrated storage

Integrated storage means you can store pens, cleaning fluid and cloths plus any props you need for presentations or events.

04. Looking good

Made with our trademark Learning Surface®, a highly durable, ultra-cleanable writable surface that lasts while retaining its sleek good looks.

05. Whats the big idea?

Very large writable surface gives you a canvas on which to explore big ideas and solve complex problems.

06. Lights, camera, action

Project onto its surface and use it like a large mobile screen for presentations or even films. Combine with tiered seating for the ultimate presentation space.

07. On-brand

If plain white isn’t your thing, we can add graphics to make your wall on-message and on-brand.

08. Super smooth

LearningSurface® is compliant with the quality standard BS EN 14434:2010 which covers the ability to write and erase as well as the staining of boards. (In other words it’s super smooth to write on and easy to get smudge-free-clean).

09. Cool under pressure

Coated with a highly durable type of thermosetting plastic resin set under extreme pressure at very high temperatures to make it
super tough. Sticky back plastic this is not.

10. Truly epic!

Group several Working Walls together to create a truly epic canvas on which to collaborate.