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Pick and Mix:

…design your own unique furniture configuration with the Spaceoasis Curvpress System

The Curvpress System is the DNA of Spaceoasis’s famous pods and screens. Clients use combinations of Curvpress panels and components to create meeting pods and hubs, breakout spaces, reception desks, maker spaces, resource hubs, desking, touchdown areas, flexible working spaces and more.

Using advanced plywood engineering, Curvpress panels are uniquely stable, consistent in shape and their laminate finish lasts a lifetime. Many of our clients have Curvpress panels that are still in excellent condition after a decade of continuous use.

A moveable feast

Change is constant whether you’re in a workspace or a learning environment, and your spaces need to evolve with you. Curvpress is fully reconfigurable, so if you need to move it you can, and the structural integrity of the panels means it will always fit back together again.

While you’re moving things around you might choose to enlarge or reshape your Curvpress® structures, and, because the components are part of a pre-tested system we can supply additional components that will fit perfectly. Because of their longevity and stability, clients tell us that they regard their Curvpress® products as an asset rather than a cost, they continually adapt to their changing needs and will never become obsolete.

For example:

If your meeting pod is super popular and you’d like it to accommodate more people, you can simply expand it with additional components, add more seats, a table, a screen

If you need workstations for occasional use but don’t want permanent desks, you could add a touchdown to the outside of a pod (these also work well as places to work while standing, but you can add stools if you like).

If you reach the point where you’re bursting at the seams and you need to move – you can take your Curvpress components with you and reassemble them in your new space (either just as they were or refreshed with additional components); they are a genuine investment rather than a cost that you have to write off when you move.



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Curvpress Components and Finishes…

You can combine Curvpress panels, seats, desks, worktops, touchdowns – indeed all of the supporting components – in pretty much any way you like.  Because of seriously clever design and engineering, we can configure any combination of parts to form the finished product you need, so the only limit is your imagination.

As well as endless permutations on the size, shape and layout of your structure, you can choose from a vast number of different finishes and fabrics, giving you a multitude of options when it comes to look and feel.  If you really want to make it your own we can create bespoke vinyl wraps to add colour, logos, straplines or simply stunningly beautiful visuals. 

The Curvpress components you can choose from are as follows:

  • Three seat styles
  • Two standard worksurface finishes (white and grey)
  • Infinite edge combinations
  • Endless optional worksurface finishes (including our LearningSurface® writable finish) also with infinite edge combinations
  • Two standard end-post finishes (lacquered birch plywood and painted aluminium effect)
  • Optional enamelled gloss finish
  • Three work surface heights
  • Large selection of commercial grade upholstery fabrics in a huge array of colours, patterns and textures
  • Four standard panel heights
  • Eight panel radii
  • Endless laminate and fabric finishes for panels
  • Three worksurface depths
  • Three shelving heights with corresponding concave and convex units

What is Liquid Design?

What is LearningSurface?

The Design Team

With over 10 years of experience working with CurvPress, our in-house design team has the skills to configure a product that fits even the most demanding of briefs and when we run out of standard options we can design bespoke parts that suite perfectly with the standard system.

Four facts about Curvpress

The Curvpress system is an award-winning design classic with serious pedigree. But did you know that…

It was designed by Spaceoasis in partnership with Marks Barfield Architects, creators of the London Eye

It won the coveted FIRA Innovation Award in 2004

It comes with a lifetime structural guarantee on Curvpress panels, because we know from experience that they can last decades with proper care

You can create endless permutations of size, shape and finish without compromising on quality


Free design service

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