Spaceoasis Design


Helping you create your amazing space

Whether we’re designing entire room layouts or bespoke furniture pieces, we’re problem solvers at heart, designing spaces that work brilliantly while also looking fantastic. We start by listening to understand what you’re aiming for, then work closely with you to design and plan the perfect furniture for your space.

Form Follows Function


Understanding what you want people to be able to do in the space is the key to its success. Once we know its function, we can design its form, specifying the right furniture for the activities and tasks the space will accommodate and tailoring our products to your unique requirements. Much of our furniture is modular, making it uniquely flexible and adaptable and, because we make it, we can alter size, shape and finish so it’s perfect for your space.


We understand the neuroscience behind working and learning environments and we use this to create spaces with superior functionality that people love to use.  From flexible workspaces that enable creative collaboration to learning environments that deliver choice, autonomy and a better learning experience. No matter what your vision for your space, we can make it real.

Whether you’re an architect or designer who needs a furniture partner to fulfil a brief, a teacher who wants better learning environments and needs some help making them a reality, a business owner who wants a high-performance workspace or a facilities manager with a problem to solve, we can help. We work with clients throughout the UK and Europe and as far afield as the Middle East.

Call us on 44+ (0)1952 210 197 to discuss your ideas, we’d love to talk to you.

Learning and workspace design

We have vast experience designing and furnishing a workspace or learning space – from furniture supply to design and install of rooms, whole schools and offices.

Bespoke product

If you’re an architect or designer looking for a furniture partner that can deliver bespoke products to meet your brief, we can help.


Specify our standard products

If you’re a specifier or dealer looking for a furniture supplier, we can help.