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Liquid Design:

our ‘standard’ products are just the starting point

We make all our own furniture in our factory, which is next door to our head office in Telford, UK. This makes us different, because it means we can tailor our standard products to meet your exact specifications or even design something entirely unique for you.

We can specify the size, shape and finish of our standard products to make it exactly what you need, giving your project the perfect fit and a unique finish.

And when ‘ordinary furniture’ isn’t cutting it, we create fully bespoke pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Call us on +44 (0)1952 210 197 to tell us how you need your furniture to measure up.

Fully Bespoke

Sometimes ‘ordinary’ furniture isn’t enough. When designing unique spaces we look far beyond tailoring our standard furniture and create fully bespoke original pieces.

We always start by asking:

“What’s right for you? How can we create a space that fully meets your unique requirements?”

The answer might be repurposing an old oil drum into a lectern (as we did recently) or putting a lotus flower cushion and goldfish beanbag on a pond-shaped carpet for a Thai preschool. It might be a huge, sleek conference table with integrated pop-out worksurfaces, a globe meeting pod or even a blue whale made of recycled plastic bottles.

None of these are products you’ll find in a catalogue; we designed them for our clients to ensure their amazing space does exactly what they need it to do.

If you want to make your space truly extraordinary it’s worth giving us a call: we can make amazing things happen.

Tailoring standard products

Working with a tricky space that no standard furniture seems to fit?

Need that table 100mm longer / shorter / wider / narrower? No problem. Got pipes and services to work around but still want built in shelving or seating to look seamless? All in a day’s work for us.

If you want a unique finish to make your project stand out, we can help. You can specify our furniture in endless colours, fabrics, worksurfaces, edges and finishes. From bright orange edges on your tables to gloss black worksurfaces to entirely bespoke statement pieces: whatever your space needs, we can make it.

Call us on +44 (0)1952 210 197 for a chat.



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