Beautiful and functional furniture, built to order

Spaceoasis® furniture is made to order, in Britain, by highly skilled humans. It doesn’t drop off the end of a production line or arrive on a cargo ship from far away, it’s hand-made, in the UK with an extremely high level of attention to detail using quality materials that guarantee your furniture a long and healthy life.


We make all our furniture to order at our Telford HQ, so there’s no such thing as ‘off the shelf’ when it comes to Spaceoasis® furniture.  Our skilled craftsmen work in a state-of-the-art production facility with the latest machinery, including hi-tech CNC cutting, making and customising our standard designs to create the perfect furniture for your space.

We can tweak size, colour, fabric and finish in any number of ways so it’s exactly right for you.


Our European materials suppliers are longstanding partners and our HQ and production facility are next door to each other, so our quality control is second to none.

It’s this confidence that allows us to give a lifetime guarantee on our CurvPress® panels, which form the basis of our trademark pods and screens.

Find out if we can help create your amazing space by giving us a call on 44+ (0)1952 210 197

Learning and workspace design

We have vast experience designing and furnishing a workspace or learning space – from furniture supply to design and install of rooms, whole schools and offices.

Bespoke product

If you’re an architect or designer looking for a furniture partner that can deliver bespoke products to meet your brief, we can help.


Specify our standard products

If you’re a specifier or dealer looking for a furniture supplier, we can help.