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MediaCityUK: Encouraging innovation and collaboration

The University of a Salford occupies a unique space within MediaCityUK, right at the centre of the ‘mediatropolis’ of the north. It’s a space designed to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration between academics, students, professionals and the media industry.


Our task was to help deliver fresh, modern spaces that enable collaboration and look like the kind of environments students will come across in the working world.

Each department was given its own identity and sense of place through the use of colour and iconography. Accent colours set against a sophisticated palette of neutrals create the sense of a professional environment, and stylish, contemporary furniture gives an ultra-modern feel. Each space has its own iconography, delivered via graphics on mobile Agile screens and signage.


Pods and Agile screens create spaces for studying, thinking or collaborating, and are all colour and graphics-co-ordinated so each department feels unique. Services such as printing and copying are neatly concealed behind Curvpress panels to retain the industrious (and tidy!) feel of a real workspace.