Screened for Sound - Spaceoasis

Screened for Sound

How upholstered screens and pods can improve office acoustics.



Established in 2004, HowToMoodle is experiencing rapid growth as more and more organisations embrace its highly effective e-learning platform support services. Located in the E-Innovation Centre (EIC) on Wolverhampton University’s buzzing Telford campus, the HowToMoodle team enjoys being part of a diverse collection of entrepreneurial businesses that share its modern building. 

With the HowToMoodle team growing fast, the company was looking for ways to reconfigure its office space while softening the acoustics, enabling more people to be accommodated comfortably in the same space. Director Jan Lawrence saw the Spaceoasis pods in meeting area of the shared breakout space in the EIC and noticed how they offered privacy while deadening sound. Thinking they could work for HowToMoodle, she called in Spaceoasis to assess the situation and suggest a solution.





Spaceoasis installed a Huddle meeting pod to provide an acoustically insulated area for meetings and a Morse resource pod to house a kitchen area complete with full-size fridge. Agile screens with acoustic pads were placed around the office to divide the space and provide privacy for phone calls and focused work, while absorbing sound. The screens can easily be moved around to create different spaces as the company grows. Upholstered with fabrics in HowToMoodle’s corporate colours, the pods and screens give the office a vibrant feel while achieving their mission of deadening sound and improving the office acoustics.





HowToMoodle Director, Jan Lawrence, comments, “We were considering installing partition walls but they are very expensive and they’d be left behind if we outgrow this space, so it didn’t feel like a wise investment. What’s brilliant about the Spaceoasis pods is not only can we reposition them when we reconfigure our office space, which we’ve just done to accommodate more desks, we can also take them with us if we ever have to move. They are heavy, but when they’re in place they feel very robust and solid.





“The atmosphere in the office is so much better now. You can still hear people, but it’s not loud enough to be disruptive so it’s a very effective solution for our expanding team.  People love the kitchen pod and the meeting pod gives us our own area to work and meet in. Overall it has transformed our space, improved our acoustics and the colours give the whole place a lift!”